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During stressful and uncertain times, an attentive ear and knowledgeable advice can be the foundation for peace of mind. At the St. Clair Law Office, located in Marysville, Washington, our staff is sensitive to the emotional and financial issues encountered by people as they face family-related legal matters.

Attorney Patricia Jo Nelson is a Washington native with nearly 32 years of legal experience, including more than 10 years with a primary focus on family law issues. From her perspective as an experienced, Washington divorce lawyer, she offers clients practical advice and strong advocacy.

Lawyer Handling Divorce Issues in Snohomish County

The St. Clair Law Office offers a full range of family law legal services. Our skilled attorney is equipped to handle divorce issues involving:

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Negotiation or Litigation?

Based on her experiences in Washington's trial courts, she urges her clients — and other parties to a family dispute — to work toward a compromise agreement rather than force the battle into the courtroom. Attorney Nelson encourages clients to resolve their divorce issues through alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation or divorce mediation. Negotiation and mediation are less costly and adversarial than litigation; therefore, promoting healthier outcomes.

Nevertheless, attorney Nelson is an accomplished trial attorney who handles several family law trials and arbitration hearings each year, in cases where negotiated settlement fails. She is known as an ethical and aggressive advocate who uses her advanced knowledge of Washington's laws and procedural rules to fight for the best possible outcome on her clients' behalf.

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The St. Clair Law Office offers cost-sensitive representation and payment plans to our clients. We provide confidential initial consultations with the goal of exchanging preliminary information to help you make an informed decision about the family law attorney you choose to help.

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