Divorce Mediation

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Mediation is a common method couples use to resolve divorce cases. Divorce mediation presents the parties with an additional attempt to settle their disputes without resorting to the expense and the gamble of a family court trial.

At the St. Clair Law Office in Marysville, Washington, we offer comprehensive family law legal services. Our attorney Patricia Jo Nelson offers divorce mediation services to clients who wish to resolve their divorce amicably and efficiently. Contact our law firm at 866-690-0798 or 360-654-4925 to set up an initial appointment.

Mediated Divorce in Snohomish County

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that has gained significant popularity. Mediation is not a court process, where a judge makes a final decision that is binding on the parties. Instead, mediation is a non-binding dispute resolution process, in which the parties meet with a neutral third party who proposes compromise solutions after learning the background of the dispute and hearing from both parties. At the end of the process, the parties are free to refuse to accept the mediator's proposals. If mediation fails, then the parties retain their right to ask a judge to decide the case.

Some county courts recommend mediation before a divorce trial. In other counties, mediation is required. Locally, Island County does not require divorce mediation but Snohomish and Skagit County do require that spouses attempt mediation before a trial date will be assigned, in most cases. We can inform you of your best options after you meet with our experienced attorney.

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At the family law firm of St. Clair Law Office, we have extensive experience guiding our clients to acceptable compromise solutions in high-conflict divorce cases. Mediation is one of the techniques we use — along with frank settlement conferences where the parties and their lawyers meet face-to-face without a mediator's presence.

Our law office is led by seasoned trial attorney Patricia Jo Nelson, who has practiced law in Washington state since 1984. Having handled countless trials, Ms. Nelson has seen many people walk away from a divorce trial unsatisfied — when they had an earlier opportunity for a more acceptable resolution to the conflict via divorce mediation or negotiations.

We encourage our clients to attempt to reach divorce agreements via negotiation and mediation whenever possible — to avoid the expense, and also the possible disappointment, of asking a judge to make decisions about personal family matters.

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