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Military families face unique questions during divorce proceedings. Special concerns include: how to calculate the military member's income for purposes of calculating child support and spousal maintenance, and child custody and visitation issues relating to a military member's frequent relocation. Contact our Everett law firm at 866-690-0798 or 360-654-4925 to schedule an initial consultation with a military divorce lawyer.

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At the St. Clair Law Office, our law practice focuses on family law legal services. About 25 percent of our clients are either military members or the spouses (or ex-spouses) of members of our armed forces. We have extensive experience with the unique questions that arise in military divorces.

Our law office is located just north of Everett, in Marysville. We are led by native Washington attorney Patricia Jo Nelson, who is a seasoned divorce lawyer with nearly 32 years of legal experience to her name.

At the St. Clair Law Office, we offer thorough and practical advice for military families who need assistance with a divorce or other family law matter.

Divorce can be more complex for military members and their spouses. Some of the issues military families must address during a divorce include:

Calculation of Income: What are the laws and regulations with regard to how to accurately calculate a military member's pay, for purposes of establishing child support and spousal maintenance? Do housing benefits and different types of duty pay count toward the military member's income?

Property and Debt Division: To what extent do military pensions, retirement income and thrift savings plans count as marital property, for the purposes of equitable division of marital property division? Should marital debt be treated any differently for military families who divorce?

Child Custody and Visitation: What does a reasonable parenting plan look like, when one or both parents are on active- or reserve-duty? What, if any, provisions should be made in the divorce decree to allow for modifications to the parenting plan in the event of a military member's relocation? What provisions should be made in a parenting plan to allow for the possibility that a parent who is a reserve member may be called to active duty?

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