Unmarried Parents

Paternity Actions and Legal Rights for Unmarried Parents

Unmarried parents have rights and obligations whether or not they are or have been married. An unmarried mother may seek child support contributions from the child's father. An unmarried father may seek visitation rights with — or shared parenting or primary custody of — his child.

In any situation in which an unmarried parent wishes to enforce his or her parental rights, a paternity action is the required first step. The only exception is when the father signed a formal acknowledgement of paternity form when the child was born. In such cases, the process is simplified.

Bringing or defending against a paternity action may be simple or complex, depending on the specific circumstances of the particular case. Getting early advice from an experienced family law attorney can bring peace of mind by providing a clear picture of the process and the most likely outcome. Contact our Everett law firm at 866-690-0798 or 360-654-4925 to discuss paternity issues with an experienced family law attorney.

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If the alleged father of a child does not voluntarily acknowledge paternity of a child, then a court may order the father to take a paternity test. Paternity is established via DNA testing, which is a non-invasive procedure.

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