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About the St. Clair Law Office

From offices just north of Everett, in Marysville, Washington, we provide family law legal services in Snohomish County, Island County and Skagit County.

The St. Clair Law Office offers legal services in the area of family law, divorce and related family conflicts. Our law firm is led by attorney Patricia Jo Nelson, a Washington native who has practiced law in Washington state since 1984.

We Focus Our Attention on Family Law Issues Like Divorce and Child Custody

Unlike some other law firms of our size in the area, we are not a general practice law firm. We do not "know a little bit about a lot of things." Instead, we focus our efforts on knowing a lot about one area of law — family law and domestic disputes.

Family law issues — such as child custody, military divorces and dissolution of domestic partnerships — are complicated, and the law frequently changes. We strongly believe that we serve our clients best by concentrating our attention on select areas of law. By virtue of our limited focus, we can offer our clients confident and knowledgeable legal advice and representation.

Unique Solutions for Unique Families

At the St. Clair Law Office, we believe you are the person who is in the best position to guide your life — not a judge who doesn't know you or your family. Whenever possible, we help our clients negotiate or mediate divorce agreements, using dispute resolution techniques to find manageable compromises to issues like division of property and debt, child custody agreements and child support.

The best divorce agreement is always going to be the one that takes into account the unique needs of each family.

Sophisticated Legal Help That Doesn't Break the Bank

Almost everyone knows someone — a friend or work colleague — for whom the divorce process led quickly to serious financial difficulties. It is our strong opinion that legal assistance in family law cases should not cost more than a client can afford.

We are sensitive to the financial strains that people encounter, particularly during and after a divorce. We strive to provide prompt, responsive service while always seeking cost-effective methods of achieving our clients' goals. Throughout our relationship with each client, we return frequently to questions of financial costs and benefits, to strive for solutions that are both acceptable and cost-sensitive.

Contact the St. Clair Law Office to Talk With a Lawyer

We offer a initial consultation and are always willing to discuss cost estimates and payment plans at the beginning of each lawyer-client relationship.

Our office is located less than a quarter-mile east of the Marysville exit from Interstate 5, and free off-street parking is available.

Call 866-690-0798 or 360-654-4925, or send us an e-mail for a prompt response.